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HT-DCC Deluxe Transmission Dyno Controller

Designed as a general purpose transmission dyno control system for Axi-line or Mustang Dynamometers utilizing our HTC-S+ controller. Replace existing outdated controls with this all-in-one cart. Our HTC-S controller utilizes the latest processor technology allowing us continuous development and ongoing firmware updates and expandability to meet today and tomorrow’s industry needs. The cart uses our proprietary Hydra-Test Dyno Control Software based on our popular valve body software. Continuous software enhancements based on industry feedback and requests means this is the last control and test system you’ll ever need to purchase.

The Hydra-Test Dyno Control Console is fast becoming the standard control console for transmission dynamometers. Replace the existing outdated controls on your Axi-line or Mustang dyno with our all-in-one cart.

Complete Dyno & Transmission control all-in-one package

  • Full manual and automatic dyno controls for manual or automated testing

  • Full solenoid control to support all late model units

  • Hardware compatible with our TEHCM controller

Latest processor & solenoid drive technology

  • Designed to be compatible with future firmware updates so your system stays up to date

  • Continuous software development based on customer needs and feedback

  • Utilizes our HTC-S controller which is standard across our product offerings

Designed with Dyno compatibility in mind

  • Configurable inputs and outputs to connect to any Axi-line or Mustang transmission dyno

  • Available adapters for Axi-line or Zoom test cables

  • On site installation, training, and commissioning

Easy to navigate software platform

  • Prewritten scripts for many common transmissions to get you started testing

  • Full script editing capability for custom tests


  • 4 Isolated analog outputs for Dyno control (Speed, Motor Torque, Output Load)

  • 16 high or low side solenoid drivers w/current monitoring (4 Amp capacity)

  • Safety rated E-Stop circuit components and monitoring PLC

  • Manual controls and indicators

  • Hydra-Test “Chart Recording” DAQ system allows you to record known good test data to use as compare to data on units under test

  • The HTC-S script editor allows you to develop custom test scripts and program all solenoid modulation parameters for each script

  • Windows 11 PC with dual monitors (8 GM RAM, 256GB SSD HD, Intel I5 or greater processor)

  • Designed to interface with the Hydra-Test TEHCM Controller

  • Power – 120VAC 15A

  • 16 Analog Inputs dedicated to Dyno and transmission pressures

    • 3 Generic speed inputs (2 or 3 wire sensors, 20 – 100 PPR)

    • 3 Generic input/output torque inputs (one drive voltage, 2 strain gauge signal conditioners)

    • 7 Main/clutch pressure sensors (0-500 PSI)

    • 1 Cooler pressure sensor (0-200 PSI)

    • 1 Cooler flow sensor (0-6 GPM)

    • 1 Cooler temperature sensor (0-300 F)

  • 16 Analog Inputs Dedicated to internal transmission signals/sensors

    • 4 Speed sensor inputs (3 wire)

    • 1 Transmission temperature sensor input

    • 1 Transmission pressure transducer input

    • 8 Digital inputs for pressure switches/MLP switches

    • 2 PWM inputs for Ford or Allison range indicator sensor


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