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Hydra-Test is a division of our precision engineering company Cottingham Engineering Ltd, specialising in the Automatic Transmission Rebuilding Industry based in the UK.


We are leaders in the manufacture of Valve body and Solenoid testing machines, tools and equipment. We also offer the full line of Hydra-Torque, quality Torque Converter rebuilding equipment and tools. 

Our engineering sector remanufactures Torque Converters for various transmission parts distributors, both in the UK and Continental Europe. We also develop and manufacture specialist tooling for automatic transmissions and Valve Body Solenoid Tool kits to help transmission rebuilders perform their tasks.

Alan Smith 
Managing Director of Cottingham Engineering Ltd.  

UK Production
with ​best components 
since 1993

250 machines
operating total
and 100+ under license

USA tech support centre &

7 distributors​

Valve Body Testing Equipment Hydra-Test HT-VBT Deluxe


  • Continuously growing database of Valve Body test scenarios

  • Innovative software for outstanding data acquisition controller

  • Advised by online connection to your unit and supported by FREE TRAINING

  • HT Valve Body machines are now powered by our advanced controller HTC-S

  • Ideal configuration and individual solutions to meet the requirements

  • Support from UK Torque Converter rebuilding professionals

  • Robust components implemented for long-time service and remarkable efficiency

  • Training available at Cottingham Engineering facilities

  • Includes all tools and units required for quality remanufacture of torque converters

The enhanced generation of solenoid testing equipment with 25 bar pump capacity and improved filtering system

This test unit is checking the condition of solenoids of various makes:

  • verifies the condition of the majority of most popular automatic transmissions

  • universal model to suit your needs

  • full data acquisition capture


Become Hydra-Tested

Hydra-Tested has been launched with the idea to give additional promotion and wider attention to the users of the Hydra-Test Valve Body testing equipment. Whenever people are seeking quality Valve Body rebuilding we want them to find a professional workshop in their corresponding country. 

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