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Hydra-Test is part of our precision engineering company Cottingham Engineering Ltd, specialising in the Automatic Transmission Rebuilding Industry based in the United Kingdom. We now have Hydra-Test USA which is run by Garrett Herning, based in Wisconsin. Garrett is a long established industry professional who has many years of experience working with test equipment manufacturers throughout the United States.


Together we are leaders in the manufacture of Valve body and Solenoid testing machines, tools and equipment.  

Our engineering sector remanufactures Torque Converters for various transmission parts distributors, both in the UK and Continental Europe. We also develop and manufacture specialist tooling for automatic transmissions and Valve Body Solenoid Tool kits to help transmission rebuilders perform their tasks.

Alan Smith 
Managing Director of Hydra-Test Ltd. & Cottingham Engineering Ltd.
Co-Director of Hydra-Test USA 

UK Head office along with engineering and manufacturing located in Kettering, England

Worldwide distribution supported by a highly experienced, dedicated technical team 

USA Headquarters based in Southern California with manufacturing and support located in Milwaukee WI.  

Valve Body Testing Equipment

Hydra-Test HT-VBT Deluxe


  • Continuously growing database of Valve Body test scripts included

  • Innovative software for outstanding data acquisition controller

  • Advised by online connection directly to your machine for ongoing support

  • HT Valve Body machines are now powered by our advanced HTC-S controller 

  • The 0AM test machine is a comprehensive 'Plug and Play' system, ready to use straight from the box

  • Pre-installed test scripts included with a Windows 10 Tablet​

  • HTC data acquisition with graphical view to ensure true and comprehensive results

The enhanced generation of solenoid testing equipment with 25 bar pump capacity and improved filtering system

This test unit is checking the condition of solenoids of various makes:

  • Verifies the condition of the majority of most popular automatic transmissions

  • Universal model to suit your needs

  • Full data acquisition capture

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