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7-speed double dry-clutch 0AM (DQ200) DSG Valve Body test stand

This stand is available in 2 options:

1) The front section stand connected directly to HTC controllers used on VBT, Solenoid and Dyno machines;

2) Full control centre which the controller included.

Pre-written test scripts included to ensure a true and comprehensive check for the faults of the OAM Valve Body.

Included test scripts ensure a true and comprehensive check for the following faults:

  • Failing pump performance

  • Degradation of pump motor

  • Loss of pressure due to cracked housing

  • Solenoid Ampere check and more commonly, critical mechanical performance issues

  • K1 & K2 actuator seals external leaks

  • Clutch fork actuators seals internal leaks

  • The HTC allows graphical viewing comparisons to data captured from a new unit

  • Easy to see errors in both pressure and ampere results

  • Printable result graphs and file storage capability for all tests performed

All-in-One “Plug n Play” system with HTC Controller built-in and Windows 10 Tablet

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AISIN WARNER SL Solenoid Cleaning Tool Kit

This tool kit allows for the complete overhaul of the Aisin 5 and 6 speed SL solenoids. Apart from incorrect calibration of the 5 speed SL solenoids, the main concern with them is dirt ingress. This tool kit has been specially designed to return the canister to original, then closing the entire solenoid leaving it as if it had never been apart in the first place. The tool kit comes complete with video instructions. Very soon you will be fitting clean, working solenoids to your valve body overhaul.

Applicable for large canister Aisin SL solenoids found in early models AW55-50, TF60 [09G, 09M, 09K], TR60 [09D], TF80 [AF40-6].

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Price: £275

SOLENOID TOOL KIT for Toyota Lexus, Small and Large Canister

This NEW kit enables the repair and cleaning of Toyota Lexus solenoids, both small and large. It’s quick and easy to use, leaving the solenoid as if it had never been taken apart. As seen on YouTube under the Search for “Solenoid Repair Kit”.

Applicable for Toyota / Lexus small and large canister SL Solenoids U151E-U250E 2004-2012, A750E [2wd], A750F [4wd] 2002-2007, A761E [2wd], A760H [4wd] 2004-2009.

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Price: £355

SOLENOID TOOL KIT for Small Canister Solenoids

Latest style SL solenoids from Aisin Warner have a smaller canister which requires our NEW and unique tool kit to enable simple opening, cleaning and closing. It’s both quick and easy to use, leaving the solenoid as if it had never been taken apart. As seen on YouTube under the Search for “Solenoid Repair Kit”.

Applicable for Aisin small canister SL Solenoids found in later models AW55-50, TF60 [09G, 09M, 09K], TR60 [09D], TF80 [AF40-6].

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Price: £325


Supplied with a British made precision spiral reamer in the Starter Kit. You can buy the complete Kit which consists of 12 bushes, reamer and installation tool and from that point on, you just need to buy the bushes.

With the help of our SL Solenoid Repair Tool you can fully remanufacture the Aisin solenoids as fitted to 55-50SN, TF60 (09G, M, K) TR60 (09D), TF80 , TF81, AF40, AW21.

Bush Starter Kit

5 x Bush Starter Kits £249.75

100 Bushes only £150

1000 Bushes only £1250


Our NEW low cost Connector Saver Ring enables recovery of a solenoid with a broken connector. Simply press on using the closing tool from the tool kit to avoid damaging the solenoid valve.

Not needed on all solenoids, only if the connector is broken and cannot lock into place.

Buy 100 rings for £150...

Buy 1000 rings for £999
and SAVE 30%...


Makes the removal and installation of bushes really simple. Firmly holds the solenoid in place while you work.

Buy 5 for £150
and SAVE over 33%...


Check for Valve body wear simply by using this Vacuum Tester. This bench tool is easy to operate and comes with full user instructions and a simple guidance chart to follow. This is the starting point for collecting data for future reference. Simply adjust the vacuum and record the drop off caused by worn or ill fitting valves. This is a must have tool for any transmission shop wishing to restore their valve bodies back to original specification.

Price: £275

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