These machines allow users running a series of tests checking performance of a malfunctioning Valve Body at various gears and pressure inputs. If put simply, they emulate transmission performance of a driven vehicle. Our team writes scripts that the Controller reads and then issues commands to the unit itself. By running a used Valve Body through a set of carefully elaborated steps and reading outputs the system makes a graphic that is compared to the one taken from an original new Valve Body of the same model. This comparison makes it possible for Valve Body Rebuilders to determine the exact source of the problems - be it a damaged solenoid, a worn-out valve or plunger.

HT-VBTs have become a significant new step in automatic transmission remanufacturing field, giving prominent advantages to transmission rebuilding services. 


If you wish to take up rebuilding of transmission valve body and avoid complete valve body replacement, we’ll be glad to provide you with all required info and further details.


In comparison to all older designs our HT-VBT Deluxe machine is a perfectly matching solution for small-scale and large transmission workshops and offers to Valve Body Rebuilders automated electronic pressure control ensuring repeatable oil (ATF) volume to the valve body as well as all original features in their most modern rendition.

The Deluxe unit was designed with an enhanced heater control and dual monitor so it can endure higher temperatures during the test. It also has higher pressure pump capability. 

​For conveniently organized Valve Body Rebuilding workspace it is enhanced by bolt on extras included in the price (worth £1000+):

  • Side loading drain cabinet facility for test plates.

  • Fitted stainless steel work/drain bench.

  • Top printer and file storage shelf.

  • Full size keyboard and mouse tray option.


HT Valve Body machines are now powered by our advanced DAq system


  • Simplified quick fit hose connections.

  • High specification 64 Bit PC with Windows Professional.

  • 24" Industrial grade touch screen panel mount monitor.

  • Pre-written test scripts compiled by experienced "hands-on" valve body rebuilders.

  • Free unrivaled back up support service included with every system.

  • 100% United Kingdom manufacture with elaborated original technology mastered and enhanced over years.

  • Ease of updates (either Hardware or Software) for innovating solutions.


Software of own development

The Hydra-Test Unit Controller functions as the "brain" of the whole system. Its swiftness and stability determine the outcome of the VB Rebuilding process. HTC-K Controller allows users to come out with more precise graphics than ever before.

This development does meet our industry’s testing requirements. With the help of experienced engineers we have taken our original VBDaq+ concept and improved both the Hardware and Software. This has been achieved whilst still retaining the ease of operation design. Many more of our ideas have been incorporated into the design whilst we have retained many of our original one too.  For example, our very own “easy limits” percentage calculator has been included along with many of the software features that made it a favourite among many customers.


A wide range of test plates are available for use by automatic transmission rebuilding stations and service centers.


Update your Hydra-Test System today

Refurbishment and Trade-in deals available

Hydra-Test valve body test machines have been sold around the world for over 20 years. Many of the early models are still in operation to this day. Whilst this is testament to our build quality, technology has advanced at a rapid pace over recent years.


We can now offer the following services:


  1. Trade-in your old machine when purchasing our latest HT-VBT Deluxe machine with built-in HTC-K Data Acquisition control.

  2. Send your machine to us at our facility in England. Our engineering team will refurbish your machine to a high standard.

  3. Simply, sell any unused Hydra-Test equipment you no longer require so it can be refurbished and put to good use somewhere in the world.


All of the above services will require detailed photographs to enable us to give an estimate or quotation. Please send them to INFO@HYDRATEST.CO.UK

Example of a fully refurbished VBT machine - upgraded to run on HTC-K
How we took it in for refurbishment



What are Hydra-Test equipment technical electrical requirements (phases, V, Hz)?​

  • It is important that you inform us of your particular regional requirements because we can alter our standard builds so the machines will correspond to your local parameters;

  • Hydra-Test Valve Body test machine is built for 1) 230V, Single-phase, 50 or 60 Hz or 2) 380V, 3-phase, 50 or 60 Hz.

Where can I buy spare parts for Valve Body rebuilding?​

  • Restoring worn valve bores and replacing valves and solenoids require additional tools, an example being vacuum testers and reamer kits. We, at our facilities in Kettering do not rebuild Valve Bodies. Rather than compete with, we support our clients in this business. However, we do have vast experience in this specific field and we share our knowledge during training either at our facility in England or during on-site training. It is an important bonus for our customers that we offer free training with the purchase of a Valve Body testing system.

  • It is advisable to hold a small stock of spare parts for your Valve Body rebuilding business. This investment is purely depending upon your projected workshop volume. We can if required advise a customer of a minimal stock requirement for specific valve bodies.

What training options are available?​

  • Hydra-Test Valve Body test machine is supported by either a 2 day training schedule at our facilities in the UK or at the customers premises soon after delivery (all our trainers expenses must be paid by customer when choosing this option).

Does a Hydra-Test Valve Body tester allow for TCM / TCU / TEHCM testing?​

  • During the testing process the HTC-K Controller replaces the TCU by controlling solenoid operation, switching gears and reading pressure and ampere signals. When testing valve bodies that have an embedded TCU (or TEHCM as they are known) we remove the TEHCM from the testing process and use a dedicated harness.

  • Our system is designed to prove the functionality of the valves, valve circuits and solenoids. Adding the TEHCM to this process only makes diagnosis more complicated. There are many tools on the market to prove a working TEHCM. From our experience and contrary to what some companies will have you believe, there is generally numerous versions of the same TEHCM which then frustrates us when one doesn’t communicate. Even if it is able to “shift” the valve body or transmission, when a fault is detected we then remove the TEHCM to eliminate it from the diagnosis process.

Valve body testing technical subsection:​

1. Is it possible for HTC-K software to create acceptance report based on the measured results ?

  • We offer a resulting PDF file created in Test Scenario mode at the end of the each test. It contains the main conclusions regarding performance of a particular Valve Body. The greatest benefit is that this feature allows a visually explicit comparison against the benchmark data.

2. Is there a detailed technical datasheet which describes all possibilities of the test bench ?

  • We have a video guide to allow users to operate our software and see its capabilities in a Demo Mode;

  • In addition, we have auxiliary PDF files that contribute to your better understanding. We can also connect online by various means to explain any peculiarities or overcome certain points that can be beyond easy comprehension.

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