The Hydra-Test VBT Deluxe valve body test machine allows complete and accurate testing valve bodies with the ability to compare against a master valve body. Continuous development of new test plates for new transmission models means you will have the tools to cover the units you service today, and those you will be servicing tomorrow. The precision and flexibility of the machine, the performance and durability of our HTC-S Controller, and our unique software platform allows you to customize tests and duplicate the conditions seen in the vehicle for tests and results you can be confident in.



tansmission solenoid tester

The Hydra-Test SOL solenoid testing machine allows complete testing and adjustments of solenoids from all major automotive manufacturers. With our growing list of available adapter blocks, we have coverage

for the models you are servicing today and those you will be servicing tomorrow. Combined with our solenoid testing version of our HTC-S Controller and our unique solenoid testing software platform, you

have the ability to record, compare, and verify solenoid functionality with unparalleled precision and accuracy for tests and results you can be confident in.


The test stand was designed based on popular demand from existing customers. The DQ200 (0AM) type of valve body is with a dry-clutch transmission - therefore, requires a different test method when comparing to valve bodies tested with HT-VBT Deluxe. Hence, the engineering department has developed a separate stand-alone tool. The tool has already proved its efficacy and is very popular in its both renditions. Learn more to book your 0AM VB test stand!

Valve body tester