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Air Decay Leak Tester

Stop those irritating and costly external leaks before your unit is fitted into the car by using a simple method of 'air decay'. Simply feed a regulated air supply to the transmission and torque converter normally via the breather. Seal all open areas using either the original part or a suitable bung. When the unit is full of air close off the tap and watch the air pressure gauge for pressure drop. Even small leaks show up quickly. Simple but effective!

Price: £275


Arbor Press & Stand

This single lever 2 tonne Arbor Press comes complete with a specially designed, purpose built workshop stand. The stand has three legs to anchor to the floor and one adjustable leg for leveling. Although designed as part of the Aisin SL Solenoid cleaning process, this Press has a multitude of uses in Automatic Transmission Rebuilding.

DP0 /AL4 Oil Cooler Adapter

This Adapter allows for the fitting of an auxiliary Oil Cooler to vehicles fitted with a DP0 or AL4 transmission. These transmissions are known to run hot and our research has shown around a 20% reduction in the transmission running temperature using one of these coolers.

Simply remove the existing Heat Exchanger, re- using the original Banjo bolt and O’rings will allow the connection of the Auxiliary Cooler hoses. Then re-fit the heater hoses to by-pass the original heat exchanger.


Seal-e-Zee Original

The easy to use Automatic Transmission Rebuilding product for installing difficult seals without damage. The spray is used to modify the seal for insertion. The spray also contains solutions to protect the rubber and further aid installation.

Seal-e-Zee Extreme

Essential for those extra tight seals! Seal-e-Zee Extreme is a more intense form of Seal-e-Zee Original that does not contain lubricating qualities. For this reason Seal-e-Zee Extreme should only be used after first applying Seal-e-Zee Original.


6 Piece Cone Set

This package contains all you need to fit pistons using the revolutionary new Cone System and comprises of 6 various size cones.


Cut Down Speciality Cone Kit

The Seal-e-Zee Speciality Cone kit has been modified from an original kit to make fitting GM5L40E pistons even easier. The second largest cone has been precisely cut to make smaller cones that can be used together on each piston. This allows for all lips of the piston to be sprayed in one go, making installation easier than ever. At the same time using less spray product and saving money. The remaining cones can be utilised by the rebuilder when faced with new problem pistons. The Speciality kit is the perfect compliment to your original set of cones.

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